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Mandir Nirman Seva

Let's do our bit for Hari Seva

sri ram setu nirman

When  Lord Sri Rama wanted to make a bridge to Lanka, the entire banara sena helped him by making the Rama Setu so that they can go to Lanka to get back Sita mata. 

Everyone contributed for the building of the setu and that was their bhakti towards Sri Rama.

They brought stones of different sizes based on their strength and contributed to the setu.

There was a small squirrel, who was tiny in size, can not lift a stone, but he did not give up, he had bhakti in his heart and he decided to do his part.

He started getting small pebbles and started filling the gaps of the stones. He kept on doing relentlessly and to his best energy. 

Lord Rama was watching this silently!


ram sevak squirrel
ram with squirrel

No matter what we can do, how small and big for the service of the lord is counted in our bhakti. It matters and Lord is Bhakta Bandhu.

Like this small squirrel, lets all join towards serving the lord and get his mercy.

ISKCON Whitefield is Building a Temple for Lord Krishna

ISKCON is known for its service to the society primarily in preserving the Vedic culture and also for profusely distributing Krishna prasadam, be it in times of crisis or in a normal period. ISKCON at Whitefield is operating from a rented place now, still helping a lot of people.

For enhancing our services to the community, we need to have our own place and infrastructure. We have estimated a 25,000 sqft of built-up area with the procurement of land as costing 3600 per sqft. This is a humble request to you to support us in building this temple which is a place where Lord Krishna will be worshiped and also a center from with a lot of people will get benefitted. Thank you for your help.


Its a life time opportunity as it will be providing services to many upcoming generations and not only the present.


Donations are for:
ISKCON Whitefield
1343, 3rd Floor, 60 Feet Rd,
AECS Layout – D Block, Marathahalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037


For tax receipt please contact:


Donation Received out of 25,000 sq ft
2778 sq ft 11%